I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over twenty years experience supporting young children and their parents, and pregnant and postpartum women, through the wonders and challenges of growing a family. With compassion and reflection, I provide a safe, open space for you to work through the highlights and the struggles of these powerful life transitions. I support families in developing and strengthening the parent-child bond to foster resilience in the face of difficulties, and to heal from distress or trauma. I provide tools that reinforce your commitment to parent with mindfulness and empathy.

I am a climate aware therapist, committed to supporting people of all ages who are coping with climate distress. Here in Sonoma County, as we face annual fires and intensifying drought, I am committed to supporting parents as we seek to build resilience for our children in the face of climate crisis. In addition to helping our little ones cope with anxiety related to fire and other natural disasters, I am providing opportunities for parents to process our complex and painful emotions related to our changing climate so we can take right action for our children and the world they will inherit. Stay tuned for workshops, trauma informed care trainings and other offerings in Mindful Parenting in the Age of Climate Crisis. I am also available to help prospective parents as you ponder the decision of whether to have children in this era.

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Mothering In the Age of Climate Crisis

“For my entire life, I have been an environmentalist. As a child eager to save the whales and pick up litter from the park, as a teen lobbying for the end of garbage incineration and boycotting aerosol hairsprays, as a young adult awed by the EarthFirst! rallies I attended to save the precious old growth redwoods. Long before “global warming” entered common language as a distant and existential threat, I cared – deeply and passionately and often despairingly – about the fate of all the planet’s living beings…”

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I am endorsed by the State of California as an Infant-Family Mental Health Specialist and Reflective Practice Facilitator. See website here

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