I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Infant-Family Mental Health Specialist. I have over twenty years experience supporting young children and new parents through the wonders and challenges of the early years. I work with families to strengthen the parent-child bond to foster resilience in the face of difficulties, and to heal from distress or trauma. I have extensive experience working with young children recovering from trauma and neglect. I offer nature-based therapy to young children and their caregivers, designed to engage the natural world in promoting co-regulation and increasing a sense of belonging.

I am a climate aware therapist, committed to supporting people of all ages who are coping with climate distress. Here in Sonoma County, as we face annual fires and intensifying drought, I am holding space for parents as we seek to build resilience for our children in the face of climate crisis. In addition to helping our little ones cope with anxiety related to fire and other natural disasters, I am providing opportunities for parents to process our complex and painful emotions related to our changing climate so we can take right action for our children and the world they will inherit. Check out my workshops, trauma informed care trainings and other offerings on Parenting and Climate Crisis Resilience. I am also available to help prospective parents as they ponder the decision of whether to have children in this era.

Co-creating a sustainable future for all of our children means changing the systems that currently induce trauma in so many of our young ones. To promote systems change, I provide consultation and reflective practice to businesses and agencies seeking to develop their Trauma Responsive Practices, and working at the intersection of climate justice and community resilience.

I am hosting Honoring Earth: a Work that Reconnects Workshop with Kristan Klingelhofer of the Good Grief Network this Earth Day.

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Blog Post: Investing in The Labor of Care: Guaranteed Basic Income as Climate Resilience

“I am attempting to treat the consequences of our cultural conviction that the work of care is not real work. That the vital task of preparing the next generation of humans for their place in this world, is somehow neither vital nor meaningful. That it doesn’t even count. “

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I am endorsed by the State of California as an Infant-Family Mental Health Specialist and Reflective Practice Facilitator.


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