By Centering Relationships, we can co-create the resilience we will need as a community in this changing climate

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Infant-Family Mental Health Specialist, and Reflective Practice Facilitator.

I work at the intersection of Climate Justice and Early Childhood Mental Health.

I am dedicated to promoting a sense of belonging for all children – in their families, their communities, and with the more-than-human world.

  • I provide consultation and training on climate education and climate mental health in early childhood
  • I provide lectures and workshops on Trauma
    Responsive Practice
    and Community Resilience
  • I promote systems change through consultation and reflective practice to leadership, organizations, and educators
  • I provide retreats, parenting support groups, and other opportunities for healing and connection with ourselves and the more-than-human world

As a child-trauma therapist in a climate disaster disrupted community, I have witnessed first-hand the impact of the climate crisis on our most vulnerable citizens. I am committed helping co-create resilient communities, in which every child will be nurtured and supported through the challenges to come.

Recent Media

I am proud to have supported my colleague Elizabeth Bechard as co-author on this extensive lit review: What are the Impacts of Concern about Climate Change on the Emotional Dimensions of Parents’ Mental Health? A Literature Review.

I am honored to have been quoted alongside wonderful Climate Psychology Alliance – North America colleagues in this Time Magazine Article: 7 Ways to Deal With Climate Despair

I am so honored to have been interviewed by Jade Sasser for her incredible podcast, Climate Anxiety and the Kid Question.
Jade and I discuss the intersection of my climate work and my role as mother, and how to maintain emotional wellbeing through the challenges of parenting in these times

I was interviewed about providing climate education that strengthens resilience and promotes positive action in this story on NPR: “Kids in Los Angeles fight climate change by tackling food waste at school.”

I am grateful for the opportunity to add my voice to this poignant article “Parenting in the Plasticine” about the emotional toll of trying to protect our children from the ubiquitous toxins found in plastics.

I am looking forward to presenting on “Climate Justice, Community Resilience and Early Childhood Mental Health” at the Zero to Three Learn Conference Long Beach CA. July 31-August 1, 2024.

See my schedule of public speaking engagements

Blog Post:

Investing in The Labor of Care: Guaranteed Basic Income as Climate Resilience

“I am attempting to treat the consequences of our cultural conviction that the work of care is not real work. That the vital task of preparing the next generation of humans for their place in this world, is somehow neither vital nor meaningful. That it doesn’t even count. “

We live in a culture of relational poverty.

Society has abandoned parents to shoulder the burdens of attachment and belonging, safety and protection, and facing a climate changed world with minimal support.

It is past time to rebuild communities of care for parents and children.

I am pleased to share a video of this presentation that I offered to local leaders in the Early Childhood Sector, on the intersection of climate change, parental mental health, early childhood social-emotional development, and community resilience.

I am honored to serve on the Executive Committee of the Climate Psychology Alliance – North America

I am endorsed by the State of California as an Infant-Family Mental Health Specialist and Reflective Practice Facilitator.

I am proud to be a fellow of the Sonoma County Leadership Institute for Just and Resilient Communities