Infant-Parent Therapy

Infant-Parent Therapy is a dyadic therapy, which means we make use of the powerfully important relationship between you and your baby to help your baby thrive. My role is to respectfully, compassionately support you as you provide loving, mindful, attuned care to your baby, building upon the strengths in your relationship and easing any conflict or distress. The infant-parent relationship is among the most intense and important experiences of our lives. Challenges can be deeply painful and may have long-term consequences. Seeking psychotherapy early on can have a lifelong positive impact on the health of the child, parent and family.

You and your infant may benefit from this type of therapy if:

  • You have experienced disruptions in bonding due to adoption, NICU stays, postpartum depression or other early relationship stressors
  • You are worried that your baby is too fussy or difficult to soothe
  • You are worried about your baby’s sleeping or eating habits
  • You are worried that your baby seems disconnected or uninterested in you
  • You have a baby with developmental delays or medical problems and this is a source of stress or anxiety
  • You notice that your baby is having a hard time with separations or transitions
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of parenthood
  • Being a parent is bringing up painful experiences from your own childhood
  • You and your baby have experienced loss, trauma or other life issues that are affecting you or your relationship