Child-Parent Therapy

Child-Parent Therapy is a dyadic therapy, which means we make use of the powerfully important relationship between you and your child to help your child thrive. Parents often decide to place their child in therapy due to child behavior issues. Child-Parent Therapy capitalizes on the importance of the parent-child relationship to address the child’s needs within the context of their family. My role is to respectfully, compassionately support you as you build upon the strengths in your relationship, ease any conflict or distress, and explore new ways to deal with emotional and behavioral concerns.

You and your child may benefit from this type of therapy if:

  • Your child has frequent tantrums or defiant behavior
  • Your child has aggressive behaviors such as biting or hitting
  • Your child is experiencing difficulties in school or childcare
  • Your child has difficulty connecting with either peers or adults
  • Your child exhibits fear, worry or anxiety, including separation anxiety
  • Your child has eating or sleeping problems
  • Your child is struggling with an adjustment such as the birth of a sibling, entering school or day care, etc.
  • Your child appears withdrawn or disconnected, or is experiencing regressive behaviors
  • You and your child are coping with a recent separation or divorce
  • You and your child are coping with loss such as the death of a loved one
  • Your child has experienced trauma such as domestic violence, abuse, hospitalization, etc.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of parenthood
  • Being a parent is bringing up painful experiences from your own childhood