Mindful Parenting

Kids having a quarrel and fightMindfulness is the art of paying attention in the present moment without judgment. There is a growing body of evidence supporting the physical and emotional benefits of mindfulness. These include greater presence: consciously choosing to be in this moment, rather than missing it as we focus on the future or the past. And greater acceptance: of circumstances beyond our control, and most importantly, of ourselves and our loved ones.

Parenting mindfully means parenting with conscious awareness, intentionality, and compassion. It is not a skill we can expect to master, but a set of tools we can use to engage fully and meaningfully with our children throughout our days together.

Mindful Parenting teaches how to:


two beautiful girls with a baby on the beach

  • Cultivate a secure, healthy attachment with your children
  • Integrate your own childhood experiences (including adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs) so they do not unconsciously influence your parenting
  • Notice the stories you tell yourself about your children, and recognize how your own thoughts and feelings may influence the content
  • Notice how your emotions such as fear or guilt influence your response to your children
  • Build effective communication skills with your children
  • Recognize and focus on your children’s strengths and talents
  • Recognize when you are stressed / distressed and learn tools for self soothing
  • Develop positive discipline techniques with your children
  • Recognize and regulate your anger
  • Recognize and honor the uniqueness of your child
  • Respond to your child and yourself with compassion
  • Reduce negative judgment of yourself as a parent