Early Childhood, Parenting and Climate Crisis Resilience

“Every time I rescue a bee, it matters. If I didn’t rescue it, the hive may not have enough bees, and then there’d be less honey, and less flowers, and less fruit, and when people go shopping there would not be enough for them to eat.” – Dani, 7 years old

How, as parents, do we navigate the dual responsibilities to teach and inform our children of the world they will be inheriting, while also protecting them from undo suffering? When and how do we introduce them to the changes the climate crisis is imposing upon their home and the world? How do we hold space for the anxiety and despair that accompanies their growing realization of the climate crisis? How do we model right action for them when our own stress reactivity is so triggered?

See my blog posts for more thoughts on parenting in this era: https://www.jennisilverstein.com/mothering-in-the-age-of-climate-crisis/

Resources for Parenting in the Age of Climate crisis



Yes Magazine: Talking (and Not Talking) About the Climate Emergency With My Kids


Parenting in a Changing Climate, by Elizabeth Bechard

How to Talk to your Kids About Climate Change: Turning Angst into Action, by Harriet Shugarman

All the Feelings Under the Sun, by Leslie Davenport


Presence, Parenting and the Planet, by Daniel Seigel